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  • Hi Mikey I Ben on az for several years and always liked your post I just wanted say hi.I am going billiard expo you going? Like to meet some Az members take care Ray Arnold
    from the sampson Independant paper ,,,,,,Mr Shelton Fletcher ( Pete ) Horne ,56 died Tuesday Sept 20 th. . We lost a great person and one hell of a great player . I talk with Earl often and Pete is the only person that Earl said he was never able to beat . That says alot for just how good Pete was !
    either this is not getting to you ,,or you dont wanna talk,,,,,I just had some info that people would wanna know ,,and I am not good at the posting thing
    rumors are rumors, who knows the real truth. I'm just glad i'm not involved.

    i got sick i havent been in the action room in the past 5 or 6 nights, i have no clue whats goijg on, i havent been online-or talked to anyone.

    i did get a txt that rodney won the Fatboy tournemnt, he told me he was gonna win it-flat out told me so. i should have listened to him and bet on him. LOL i missed that boat. I'm up about $1000 same as last year. I really wanted to play one guy-he has $$$ and plays my speed, but I like my action with him, but i got so sick i cant leave the room. I was shaking so hard in my sleep a filling popped out.

    jason and I shall play again for real $$ nexttime, he is a good guy to play-no drama, easy going, not looking to start a beef. i like my spot
    You asshole! I haven't been addicted to Minesweeper for a long time. Reading your's and Spina's posts about Minesweeper scores got me playing again. Today I played for two straight hours.
    Best times:
    Beg - 4.67s
    Int - 39.96s
    Exp - 108.22
    whats up im chris aka hustlinu83 do u play on full tilt ? i got 100 in my paypal i need 100 on poker site would u be willing to do this ? jayhelfert and roy will vouch for me
    Stirring pots is MUCH more fun than tip tappers. : )
    (sorry I have to wait 24 hours AND spread some rep.)
    Sorry I couldn't call you back. I had Robin outside in the parking lot pinned to her jeep. I was pulling a Mikey.
    Mike I don't bring them!I play Walker every Saturday,and he lets me use his Rosewood Gus Szamboti!I have 21 but his is the best!!!!!!!!!Ron
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