One Pocket HOF dinner at DCC


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Copied this from Steve Booths facebook.
One Pocket HOF posters, programs and plaques are all ready for next Wed. the 24th 1P Hall of Fame Dinner at Derby City Classic. Ready for MC's Shannon Daulton and Scott Frost and inductees Jeremy Jones and Keith McCready along with family of the late Clem Metz and Charles 'Country' Martin Sonya Martin see you there!!!!!!!!

I'll be there. Who's all going?
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I'm planning on attending too but I believe I'll come on Wednesday the 24th this year.


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Are they actually going to let The Ether into the place?
....I heard there were no side-arms allowed.



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John -

I will be there, supposed to sit with Truman and Greg Sullivan.

See ya there!



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HOF Dinner info

The One Pocket HOF dinner will be held at the Horsehoe's Smoke & Rye restaurant -- just down the hall from the tournament area. The doors will open for the VIP dinner and social bar at 6 PM * Wednesday the 24th * The dinner and social is definitely VIP, with the current and prior inductees all as guests, so it is the way to go if you want to celebrate with all these special guests! The VIP dinner "tickets" are $100, and include the buffet dinner and two complementary drink tickets, and all guests receive a copy of the printed program, which is a nice keepsake with bio's and photos of the inductees.

If we are not sold out when the actual induction speeches are set to begin (about 7:30) then we will open the door for standing room/available seats (no dinner included & the bar is cash bar at that point) for a discounted rate, including the printed program while supplies last. But the early opening and VIP dinner is $100/person -- no onsite discounts for that.

This year we are pleased to present the new Master of Ceremonies team of Scott Frost and Shannon Daulton!

Our inductees are:

Jeremy Jones for One Pocket
The late Eugene 'Clem' Metz for One Pocket
Keith McCready for Lifetime Pool in Action
The late Charles 'Country' Martin for Lifetime Pool in Action

You can prepay using paypal or hit me up at Derby City (I arrive Saturday the 20th).