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Scott Lee has been announced as the 2019 Instructor of the Year.

The PBIA has got this right, Scott is one of the top producing Instructors in the Country. Great guy also.

Congradulations my friend!


Scott Lee

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Thanks fellas. It's indeed an honor to be chosen to receive this prestigious award. I'll keep doing.my best to improve the quality of Instruction available anywhere.

Scott Lee


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Scott Lee

Congratulations Scott! Thank you for what you do every day for pool and helping me. You are a perfect example of what a great instructor and player should do. Thank you for being the example and role model we should strive to be like.


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Congratulations to my friend and mentor, our paths have crossed many times it feels like I just saw you 20 minutes ago:D Oh yeah I did on your way to Dallas :thumbup:

Safe travels and as always great seeing you even if it was for 20 minutes.


My two cents: Scott contacted me after I posted a question on this forum. I called him and he took the time to talk to me for over an hour! I put my phone on speaker and went to my table. He walked me through some fundamentals and corrected my mistakes WITHOUT even looking at me! Whenever my stroke is off I got back to his very specific advice and my stroke improves INSTANTLY. If I lived closer to him I woud probably setting up mo they lessons. He is a just a great guy. Friendly, explains things well and generous. Many people can play, but few can teach. He’s the real deal.

As a new pool player I am grateful that this community is so friendly and helpful. Scott exemplifies these qualities in spades.
Thanks Scott!