Owning Cues Over $1000? Is there a big risk of getting it stolen?


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Thieves will stel anything of value, if I go some place where Pool is being played, I always put my Case under the table I am play on.

If someone is think about walking off with it, let's say it make the dirty deed more difficult.

Pool Rooms seem to attract a lot of people who have ideas, taking advantage of you if you give them the opportunity.


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I have two nice cues. Expensive, some might say so but it is all relative to your bux in da bank thing.
Anyhow they are with me everywhere I go in the pool halls I go to. Yes the men's room too. My cues don't not mind at all. If I am done playing they are in the case with me everywhere I go. People will steal your chalk these days or anything else. I had a hoodie stolen once in a pool room. So yea the human race is continuing to lower it's standards all the time. NEVER ask someone to watch your cue either. If it gets stolen then it is an even bigger problem with all sorts of issues.....


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I just bought a Pat Diveney cue used. New I bet it was worth around $3000 brand new. I have never owned a expensive cue and have always shot with a cue that cost about 400.00. Is it a good idea to use a cue this expensive in a public pool hall.

I only bought it for the playability as I have heard they have a nice hit. Maybe there is a way to make it look like a less expensive cue somehow.

Thanks for the replies.

I take my Richard Black cue everywhere I play. It is ALWAYS in my sight or with a person that I would trust with my life. I once had someone try to walk away with it, but a quick rebuke was met with "Oh, my bad, thought it was a house cue".
Keep a close eye on the Diveney and enjoy it.
I wouldn't own a cue I was afraid to play with, or a car too valuable to drive.


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Keep an eye on it

In many ways I don’t even understand your question. If you’re going to leave your cue unattended whether it’s worth $1000 or $10 it could get stolen. The average guy in a pool hall can’t tell the difference between a $50 Cue and a $5000 cue. So take your cue and enjoy it. Someone stole it they would get less than $400 you paid for it. You’re 10 times more likely to have your cell phone stolen and it would be 50 times easier to pull off.


I went to a buffet lunch with a fellow player at a casino in Las Vegas.I got in line with my cue case over my shoulder.My friend asked"why don't you leave your sticks at our table,where he left his,it has a reserved sign on it".I told him I feel much safer knowing where my sticks are and wouldn't you know it,within a minute or two I noticed a guy picking up his pool cue case,told my friend immediately,he ran over and asked the guy "is that your cue"? The guy said no but he saw it sitting there and was going to turn it in to the lost and found!!! Any stick or case will bring a profit to someone who got it for free.


Pool room Thieves 🎱

Having shot pool for over 55 years I thought I’d seen most scams, I was wrong! After a day of practice I was enjoying a cold one while relaxing. I put my 3x6 Jack Justis case w/3 cues & my Aramith ball case w/ Tournament ball set on the bar right in front of me. I looked over to check the score of a pool match on a computer to my left. As I turned my head to watch I saw out of the corner if my eye both of my cases being slid down the bar by 2 small Punks! I grabbed my case & confronted both loudly, the thief’s they said they were watching them for a friend! I reached for my phone to take their picture but they were already running out of the door. I was lucky to catch them! I’m 6’5” 230 but it didn’t matter to them or the fact my initials are tooled into the case, They were still willing to chance it. I’ve always had someone watch my stuff & do the same for others but if they really want your belongings they will try. I was lucky as they would have been out the door in seconds! It’s best to keep YOUR hands on YOUR stuff .....ALWAYS‼️. 🎱


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I've played with cues that are not custom cues that range between 1k and 2k for many years in the bars. If you play with a Schon a Predator or something like that, most guys don't think of them as high value cues.

One guy recently was really surprised that my Predator Throne cue was worth more than 1k.

I say, only play with cues in the bars that you wouldn't be too bent out of shape if it got stolen. I have quite a few custom cues worth more than 2k, and I do not bring those into a bar. I can replace a Predator cue with an exact copy without worrying about it.


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I don't think I have ever brought my cues to the bathroom with me, and there were plenty of times I have had enough cost in cues and cases between mine and my son's equipment to buy a decent used car. I mean just two custom design JB Cases are near $500 not even starting on the cues inside them. I must be more trusting of human good nature than most.
I just bought a Pat Diveney cue used. New I bet it was worth around $3000 brand new. I have never owned a expensive cue and have always shot with a cue that cost about 400.00. Is it a good idea to use a cue this expensive in a public pool hall.

I only bought it for the playability as I have heard they have a nice hit. Maybe there is a way to make it look like a less expensive cue somehow.

Thanks for the replies.

That is really cool that you were able to get a nice high end Diveney on the used market. Just do not take your eyes off of it, and it should be fine. Do not take it into any dive bars. Only take it to nice, classy pool rooms, and still, do not take your eyes off of it, unless you leave it with someone who you really trust, to keep a good eye on it, as if it were their own very valuable cue.

On a side note. I knew this guy who would bring his $6,000 Ebony South West into this dive bar, for their weekly 8 ball tournament, and shoot with it in the tournament. He was a wealthy old gentleman though, so I do not think he was worried about it getting stolen. Everyone there seemed to know each other anyways though.
I don't think the cost of the cue matters. If a thief sees an opportunity it doesn't matter. Especially if they aren't pool players, they have no idea what's valuable or not.

Good point. Only a person who was really into well made cues, would know that it is a cue that is worth a lot of money. Anyone else might not see any value in a pool cue.
I'm confused.

You bought it for the playability as you heard they have a nice hit.

It was bought sight unseen, and you didn't hit a ball with it?

Well, it is a Diveney, so any fan of Diveney cues would know, that they all hit amazing, and very similar to each other. They all have an amazing feel, and hit to them, from my experience. So, no worries about you not loving the hit of a Diveney, if you are a fan of his cues.
That's right totally unseen. Never hit a ball with it. I't has nice inlay work although maybe I could could put a decal off a cheap cue on it or something so it does not appear expensive or something.

Lol, that would not fool me, or anyone who really knows cues. Just do not take your eyes off of the cue, even for 2 minutes while going to the restroom. Leave it with someone you really trust enough to watch it, or hold onto it.


Having had a cue and case stolen from behind the seat of my truck, and also another cue and case stolen from the inside of an apartment I was living in, I would never leave a cue worth more than 2 dollars unattended in a bar or pool hall. Most of the people in a bar or pool hall are not what one would consider to be "scum of the earth," but said scum are known to frequent bars and pool halls on a regular basis. There are even some really good people out there who suffer from a sickness that compels them to steal things even though they can afford to buy what it is that they are stealing. There are also some mostly good people out there, who may feel the sudden impulse to take advantage of an opportune moment to steal a cue even though they may later regret it, and may feel too embarrassed or worried to ever return it -- something they keep in a closet and never use for fear of being discovered. I now go so far as to hide my pool cues and case inside my house even though there has never been a break-in since I have lived here for almost 20 years now. [To be honest, I started hiding my pool cue inside wherever I was living since approximately 1988 when my first cue/case was stolen from the above-mentioned apartment. I even chained my bicycle to my ironing board inside the apartment, and I chained my hood to the car shut after my battery was stolen because I didn't heed the warning of a neighbor that batteries get stolen. The thieves even stole my socks ... yes, my socks for the feet.]
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