Paul Fanelli's "The Devil's Cue"


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These are the last cues that he was working on in the shop. Paul was funny in that he would work on something full bore until another idea crossed his mind, then he went there and so on... He was wrapping up the no wrap full splices when he had an idea for some short splices...

I wish he would have finished them, they would have been sweet.


i have ,some where, some drawings i was toying with along the lines i wish i could have talked shop with a second time.


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I really wish he would have gotten to my last design. We were planning a SD Charger cue, blue, gold and white veneers. I asked him about the possibility of breaking the butterfly up and mitering veneers to form a lightning bolt. We planned it out and he said he was 99% sure he could have pulled it off. So that as the butterfly came through the regular points it would have been jagged in three positions. There would have been 4 points as bolts through 4 regular points.

Oh well...



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Me taking delivery from Paul in 2005. One long conversation I had with Paul that I'll always remember was about my affinity for Japanese swords. The real old blades, not the tourist knockoff crap. We discussed the forging process, the metallurgy and the art of the sword. I could see Paul really enjoyed the topic a whole lot, being a master craftsmen himself. So for his birthday I dropped by and gave him a couple of books on Japanese swords. Paul shared his knowledge and love of cues with me and this was a small way I returned the favor. I miss our conversations. Cheers Paul.
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I have seen two of his cues and they were unbelievably impressive.

Great story about a cue maker's cue maker.