Paul Mottey Brazilian Rosewood on Brazilian Rosewood Players cue


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Even if it were a closet queen
it wouldn't be for long if i got this one

lots of quality cues are sold on here,
none are any better to play with than Mottey
the politicos are going to ban the brazillion rosewood if they haven't already

this could be your last chance to get a really great ivory jointed mottey

best wishes
i hope it ends up with a really good player
i know they don't usually shell out much for a cue,but if they do
this one should pay for itself many times over

half the problem with winning money is getting the game in the firsy place
maybe 90%,one of the things i look for when i am offered a game is the fellas cue

if its a sneaky pete,it makes me think i am playing a broke,i shun those guys
on the other hand i am well known for getting action,i think a great cue seerates me from the common herd

free advice
then again,it might be my poor play and large bank roll