Photos from Super Billiards Expo


You are getting your money's worth out of it....great shots. Some of the best I have seen out of a Sony.

Shooting RAW?........ Handheld?

Shooting pool is tougher that most people realize...with the changing light sources and all.

Good Job!

I was shooting both handheld and on a monopod. Didn't shoot raw. I don't like doing a lot of post processing work.

Kickin' Chicken

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I'm on the bandwagon...

You should consider doing this for a living. :thumbup:

Just messin with you.

These are phenominal.

Look at the absolute concentration on Hohman's face - that shot in B&W is brilliant.

The one of Archer is poster material.

And SVB break is award winning.

Like everyone else said, thank you for documenting this event with your amazing skill.

Brian (KC)


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What toaster oven???

Philly: that's my nickname for Thorsten, it came from calling him Toasti (which I didn't make up, I dunno who started calling him that). He may be my favorite player in straight pool.

Hats off again for your awesome pics. Share more sometime.