Please remove the thread darren is a dirty...


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possible legal action

My thoughts is it is a open and shut case of slander ........
the damage has been done.
Not everyone reads every reply. So one would have to assume that there are a few people that may not know the Op said he was wrong.

They were very direct words, it was public, and it was a lie............
We are responsible for everything we say and do...... Like it or not.
That could be the reason for leaving the thread.
Maybe The Op needs to run Another thread stating how wrong he was in just as big and bold words. And ask darren to forgive him..a
Either way it comes down to Darren and the OP .

I would be willing to bet Darren knows about this thread.


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FYI, don't forget to remove this thread after the "darren is a dirty player" thread is removed.