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I appreciate the discourse. You're dug in, as am I. It's actually how things are supposed to be interestingly enough.

It's called fire, knowledge and competition. It'll just make us better to argue points.

Have a good one.


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... I recall a tournament (I think it was a Mezz West State event but I could be wrong) where Kaci ran a 10 pack playing 10B on either a Diamond or Gold Crown (can't recall) with 4.5" pockets. ...
See post 76 in this thread.

Freezer's Ice House 10-Ball Challenge, July 2018
Race to 8
Diamond 9-foot table with 4 1/8" corner pockets​
Magic Rack template​



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I don't care, with a shot clock in use, then in the last 30 minutes of a match, don't allow an extension, and if a player runs the shot clock out, then give the player another 30 seconds, but award the opposing player 1 win for the player stalling! Keep doing that, until the match time limit runs out, or the player has had 3 penalties and is penalized the lose of the match for unsportsmanlike conduct!!!
Or just keep it simple. Use Mosconi Cup play for all matches. Allow one minute after the break to shoot, 30 seconds all other shots. It would work. In combination with tight pockets, even the elite would be challenged.


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Most of this discussion has been about the players. Just remember it is the spectator who pays the bills.
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Most of this discussion has been about the players. Just remember it is the spectator who pays the bills.
I'd argue not in this case. Matchroom has been paying the bills. There's not enough spectator attendance yet to make a dent in the cost of running the events.


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That pocket looks like 4.25 at the opening. The centerline between the 2 balls being 4.5, where they are making contact at the points is below that center line but it's not a 1/2 inch difference.
Yes it's now at 4.25 give or take. what happened was the sides ended up gaping at 5+ inches and somebody at the bar brought those in closer. You can see the new offset in the photo. Some math will give you the original aperture give or take.

FWIW, the pockets are now tougher than the original 4" apertures but still somewhat disappointing for my purposes. Be that as it may, when the table is open for solo use it's a mile better (tougher) than a factory/pro job.
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Both players are playing on the same table. Enough said.
The TV table with all the lighting and new cloth?

He is right, the new cloth, the cue ball slides a little, goes farther into the pocket past the jaws.

Less likely to rattle out.

The Terminator created an amazing video showing the difference of how the rails acted with old vs new cloth. Here's the link. Very big differences in game play.