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What would a nice set of Romanique II’s go for these days with the original box?



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A set sold on eBay for $300 about a week ago


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*Dyna|spheres Platinum*

Best ball set Ive used to date in terms of balance, movability, durability, & ease of keeping clean.

When comparing the Rotary cue ball to the Diamond Tv measle ball ( pictured on the upper left ), the rotary plays much better imo. I think its because the rotary ball is 168 grams vs diamond tv which is at 170.5, the rotary is just easier to move around.

Shout out to @mrpiper for recommending this set.
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Good evening, gentlemen.

A little help from the forum historians would be much appreciated, please.

In what year did Aramith release their 4th generation Duramith Tournament set?

And in what year did they release the TV colours Pro Cup version of the same set, please?

Many thanks indeed.