Pool making classes


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If nothing else watch YouTube and buy Chris Hightower book/DVDs. And I think Joe barrenger at cue components has DVDs.


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Jim Sickles has some videos of different stages as well. He sells them himself and through the distributor near Chicago.


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Anyone close to the eastern shore of Maryland willing to teach how to build pool cues.

I live in Vegas and just had a guy stay at my home and shop for a week while we built his cue. He got some hands on work on the lathe, Dowling machine, taper saw machines, and the rest of the shop plant equipment but I landed all the final dimension numbers.

The orentation to the CNC was very excitiing to him when we did the inlays, pockets and made the custom rings.

I shipped his cue three weeks later after the clear completely cured and it could be wet sanded and buffed. The cue had a split aboynia burl handle with silver rings. While he was here I did a few leather wraps for local customers so he saw that process as well.

When I dropped him off at the airport he had a fundamental knowledge of the entire process. He had no clue prior to getting here. Only some misinformation and urban legend thoughts.

If he builds his own shop, he will not make any mistakes on equipment purchases like I did over the years. And can always give me a call.

It was fun and he got a cue he helped design with a cue maker and shop orientation. I also made a new friend.

Rick 847 641 0276

Las Vegas airline tickets are generally less than 150.00 round trip and sometimes less than 100.00 from US cities. The Casinos make sure it is cheap for you to come and lose your cash.

So if you want to design your cue and get some hands on, give me a call.

He started out only wanting to make a pretty simple plain jane but once he saw some of the other fancy cues I had in process, he went off for a fairly big cue with burl, ebony, silver with elephant tusk inlays, ferrules, joits and butt cap.
Anyone close to the eastern shore of Maryland willing to teach how to build pool cues.

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