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Stopped in a Columbus, Ohio hall I used to play in a lot 15+ years ago and wasn't sure was still open. Much to my delight it's still going strong. Used to play there with Tom Simpson when we worked our real jobs together. Cushions.

So as I enter saw some camera type equipment set-up in the big room. Young guy comes up and asks if I am there as an "extra". :lol: so I quickly deduced he meant movie extra. :thumbup: and of course I was not.

Asked him what the name of the movie will be and he said: The Crucible. Should be out late fall, early winter. Wanted to ask more but they were busy getting things in order so I left him alone.

Guess I'll have to remember and track it to see what the film's about. Never seen all the wood on those Diamonds look so nice. :rotflmao1:


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That's funny!

I was hitting some balls around in a poolhall a few years back, can't remember where, could've been any place between Florida and Maryland back then. Anyway, in walks a knockout beautiful woman about 7ft tall with a man of equal height. Trailing behind them were two cameramen.

I was the only player on that end of the poolroom. There were 3 or 4 vacant tables on each side of me, but this caravan headed straight to the table I was playing on.
One of the cameramen asked the tall couple if this was "the table", and hey said yes. Then I was asked if I would mind switching to a different table because they wanted this particular table to shoot a movie scene. I said sure, and then gathered the balls and started heading for the end table about three tables away. But the cameraman stopped me and said he'd like for me to play on the adjacent table instead.

The movie was a documentary titled, "In Search of World's Tallest Man", or something like that, and this couple had met each on the pool table I had been playing on. They told the cameraman that a single player was on the adjacent table that day, so I was asked to sign some sort of limited rights policy so they could use me in the film. All I had to do was shoot balls in the background while the tall couple reenacted their first date.

Here's the funny part.... I was practicing straight pool while they filmed the scene. It took about an hour. I hit a couple of good runs in the mid 40's, and it was caught on camera behind this romantic comedy scene of the 7ft tall couple's first date. There was some occasional interaction with me, so I had some spontaneous speaking lines throughout the hour also. Afterwards they all shook my hand and thanked me and said to look the movie up sometime in the following months. I never found that damn movie. I've searched all around the internet, and it's like it never happened!!