Predator Items for sale


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The following predator Items are for sale :

1) Black P2 with linen wrap 314-2 shaft ($425)
2) Two BK2's break cues with linen wrap ($250 each)
3) Three 314-2 Uni-Loc shafts ($160.00 each) Each shaft has a brand new tip just put on 1-Kamui ,1-Sniper, 1-Emerald
4) One Predator FAT shaft Uni-Loc ($165)
5) One leather Predator case 2X4 ($125) (missing shoulder strap, small tear at bottom)
6) One Uni-Loc 314-2 30" shaft ($165)
Shaft(s) info :
All shafts/butts roll straight together and apart (black collar with silver ring )
The diameter is approx 12.75mm approx. lengths are standard 29 inch
All shafts have been cleaned so they now look better then they do on the pictures below

Will also consider trades for other predator products only