Q School - Will Alex, Deuel, Melling Qualify?


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“When I was a snooker player before I was mixing it with pool, which is difficult. I will still play a few pool events next season but mainly I will be focused on snooker and I am really enjoying playing at the moment.

“It was only because the pool calendar went downhill that I started playing snooker a couple of months ago, for the first time in five years. I bought a cue, and on the third day of practice I made a 147. So I decided to give Q School a try, and now I’m on the tour for two years.”


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melling by far the better of the 3 players…

his played on the main tour twice before and got t proviosnal 40 odd in rankings..

his beat many top players his won a few good tournaments pro/ams.

his qualified for the main tour twice before when it was tougher to get on..

his made 23 147 breaks around 1000 100s plus.

he stopped playing around 7 year ago.. when he was younger he should've kept playing he would've been top 20 player in world for sure if he was dedicated and disciplined..

his one of the the favs in that field for sure.. around 8 guys chance to qualify and chris one of them….

alex very small chance .,sadly corey got no shot.. but fair play for them having ago..

regards chris i just hope for his sake its not too late…. 35 old in snooker.

While you're on a roll Darren, what are your tips for next years Grand National?

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