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I Have a cue with raised rings. There are thin ss rings bordering the ivory. All of them are raised, and have been since it was shipped to me. Also, the butt is not perfectly aligned with the points on the forearm. Is it possible to fix these issues? If it costs more than the cue is worth, I guess I could live with it, but I would rather fix it if possible.


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The answer to your question is yes, both could be fixed. A refinish would fix the ring issues. As for the butt sleeve, it could be fixed, but would need some work.

Contact Ryan of Rat cues, he in on this forum, or you can call Mueller pool and darts, ask for Ryan.


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Yes, what you ask can be done but the person in the best position to do this would be the maker.
It's considered 'ethical' to consult the builder on repairs, refinish and particularly adjustments first. If for whatever reason that doesn't pan-out for you, there are several of us here that would be happy to accommodate you.
The butt-sleeve adjustment will require surgery.
The cue should have at least a partial refinish, possibly a complete depending on the condition of the forearm and of course it will need a new wrap.
Is it worth it? Only you can make that determination.
Without quoting prices (go easy Arnie) you're looking at several hundred dollars.
This is ball-park and will vary depending on who does the work.
Good Luck, KJ


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is it new? send it back,,,if not, it's fixable.

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As you stated, the rings were raised when you got it, so therefore that is usually the problem for the cuemaker that built it, if you bought it brand new from them. The alignment is similar, if not happy with a product when you get it, then it should go back to be corrected. If it is a secondhand Cue, then contact the seller and see if they will make right by adjusting the price accordinly to offset the nessesary repairs. If new, or the seller won't do anything, then Contacting the builder should be the next thing to do. If they can't or won't help....., then there are some really great people here that can do an awesome job. KJ, and Ryan from RAT cues, Or maybe Dickie, etc.
Good luck with it, and hope all turns out well


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Thanks for the replies and referrals. Sending it back isn't an option, so this will be out of pocket.


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Everything is fixable. PM me with the maker so I know what I would be getting into. I'd be more than happy to help.