Rest in Peace, Ted Lowe


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The world of snooker has lost a legend. Ted had been in a hospice for about 9-10 weeks, and passed away this morning at the age of 90.

Broadcasting Legend Lowe dies


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I lost my friend on Friday via a heart attack. He was only around 50 years old. 90 years old is a long time to live.

When I think about death and dying, it always reminds me of this story:

Del Close was one of the founding members of the Second City. For those who don't know, the Second City is an improv group in Chicago. I saw Del on TV one day and he was telling a story.

A man jumps out of an airplane and is cutting through the air, doing flips, having a blast. It comes time to pull his shoot. Nothing happens. He pulls his reserve shoot. Nothing happens. What does he do?

...He starts cutting through the air, doing flips and having a blast. The moral of the story is: We are all going to hit the ground. It isn't about dying we should worry about, but about living.

Now fast forward a few years. I knew some people who were students at the Second City. Del Close was literally on his death bed. The were talking about Del and his condition. What did Del do? He threw a party. Invited all of his friends and people from the Second City. Bill Murray was in attendance and some other famous people. The next day, Del died.

He lived his last day with the same courage and philosophy of the story he told that day on the TV. I have never forgotten that and continue to live everyday like it is my last. I think everyone should cherish and be thankful for every breath we have. My advise is to live life to the fullest. You never know when it will be over.

"Del Close is my biggest influence in comedy" - John Belushi

RIP Ted Lowe


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Prayers said for - Mr Ted Lowe

I'm sorry for your loss. I was just talking to a friend-who's 83. He did say we take those afternoon meetings(at the Pool hall) and pizza with the boys too lightly. Days turn into months and months into years,and then its where have the yrs gone. How do we preserve those moments with our friends? I was just thinking there are a lot of older az members I want to meet- before there time is up,or mine. God bless us all. Mark


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Whispering Ted they called him as he commentated from the front row seats commentating on matches.
R.I.P Ted Lowe