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Just got these in, completely my own design for a players cue. Nothing fancy and playability over gaudiness. Longer taper and Rick's LD shafts, these are not wall hangers...no 4 oz shafts people use as a "selling point". The black/white spec wrap cues are 60 inches and the all black is 59 inches. All three have Kamui black SS tips. All three are sold but more on the way. All of the next ones are 60 inches.


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In my opinion Rick Howard gives you the most cue for your $ not only in workmanship but playability .
Very good looking players you have here.


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ultimate players cues

this is the very best design for your every day carry cues. I've always had to wrap my cues to the very end of the butt cap as most cue makers put in a butt sleeve with clear coat.

But people whom have snooker stance grip that holds the cue in the last 5 inches of the cue. This creates an issue.

This design solves that issue. I'll be keeping my eye out for these cues when the become available.

nice work and thanks for sharing the pics.