RIP mike roberts


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It’s George

Loved Mikes Cues and Cases


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Sad news. I met Mike a couple of times while visiting his shop. Man, he was friendly and a gracious host. My father bought me my first nice cue directly from Mike. Mike let my father pick out 3 different It's George cues and take them home 2 hours away so I could hit with them to pick my favorite.

I will never forget that first day I visited Mike and Bill. Mike was so proud of the cases and cues they were making.


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Never met him. But I guess I think when guys like Mike Roberts or a lot of our cuemakers pass away, they have left a legacy of their work.

Most of us cant say that.



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Mike Cases, the It's George were great, think the 3 X 6 were the Chicken Teeth, a few but not many.

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