Room Owners Post Photo's Of Your Pool Room


Biljardpalatset in Stockholm, Sweden
Our street and front door.jpg


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Finally got out new Diamond Ball polisher.

After trying for months to fix our old one and trying to clean balls by hand we got our Diamond Ball Polisher delivered yesterday. Took a few hours but all 20 sets of balls polished and looking great. Thanks to Aaron Miller from Diamond for taking care of us.


Planning on replacing many of our ball sets this year with the new Aramith Tournament balls. Untill then the other ones sure look a lot better now.
We also have double cleaner polisher from Diamond. I am trying to find out what kind of felt/polisher they have on walls and the bottom of the cleaner. We are going through a set every 3-4 months and I’d like to be able to replace them myself instead of paying $100 every time for replacements.
Any idea?


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Hi all
Our room called Jimmy’s Billiards. Cue the username:)
We have 28 pool tables 14 9’ and 14 7’ diamonds.
And 5 Carom tables. It’s an ongoing project. I am open for suggestions as well.

Thank you!