Room Owners Post Photo's Of Your Pool Room


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kugelrund said:
The mainbar and welcomedesk @ "THE KUGELRUND"

The mainarea with 14 Tables @ "THE KUGELRUND"

Thanks for sharing, this has to be the nicest room I have ever seen. I am totally lost for words man, thanks again.


Love the photos of your Room

manwon said:
Hello fellow pool room owners post photo's of your pool room!!!!!!

There have been many people interested in opening pool rooms, I think that seeing how other rooms are designed and set-up may give these people a little help designing their own room.

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Have a nice Night!!!!!


Also the Hall of Fame photo's look great there as well. I have a signed / autographed Hall of Fame photo of The Miz...


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Nice rooms

Very nice rooms. What does it take to open in a small town of 20K?
Notice alot of rooms don't have Diamond tables but are equipped with older models. Is that what you have to do to make it. So if a person opened with say 6-8 tables he probably wouldn't make it if he went with new Diamond tables. He'd have to have a beer license and serve food if he expected to make any money. And he'd have to have cheap rent in order to do any good. I know Manwon says you've got to offer all services in order to make it, cue repair and sales, table sales and repairs, etc. I guess if a person doesn't offer everything, he doesn't have much chance of making it. I know in our area there are not any rooms left and not one seems interested in opening one. I have always wanted too but just don't see how I could make it. Am I wrong?


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does anyone else think that carpet in a poolroom is a must? there is one poolroom / bar where i live and it is so loud because the floor is concrete. Carpet is a great sound deadenor.
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KC's Crabs and Cues

KC's Crabs and Cues now open in Kilmarnock, VA.
Thursday night 8 Ball and Monday night 9 Ball tournaments.
Sports Bar and Seafood Restaurant.


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Carl Hungness

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Beautiful Pool Room For Sale,,Never Opened

Beautiful small pool room for sale. Four Brunswick Gold Crowns, One 10' snooker table. Owner fill finance. Located in the beautiful little city of Madison, Indiana on the Ohio River, 45 minutes from Louisville, hour to Cincinnati. Subway style kitchen. All new, custom built. Unlike any pool hall you have ever seen. Contact


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