Schon VS. Mezz Poll

Which cue would you buy

  • Schon

    Votes: 175 55.6%
  • Mezz

    Votes: 140 44.4%

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Hi there,

for sure Schon and Mezz (my opinion) are for sure building great cues. I also played a Schon Cue for several years in the 90s. - but the quality and craftmenship from Mezz is absolutley excellent. And unfortunatley the shafts from Schon Cues are showing up too much differences- perhaps you ll get a good one....and if you re unlucky....:-(
From the Shafts i saw from Mezz i never saw one which was bad. Always absolutley reproducable Cues/Shafts.

And further i am sure , that some guys are just writing about Schon, because they like the style-- but that cannot be the reason to vote for a Schon. I really would prefer a Schon if it would be the main reason to choose what i would like to have- but the play-ability from Mezz are absolutley First Class. Best Production Series Cues i ever saw and held in hand.



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This poll is pointless! The best cue is the one YOU play the best with.

Schon has put out fantastic cues for a very long time and they have a fantastic reputation. Mezz also puts out fantastic cues and they are very highly regarded. Like anything else. Which cue is better is nothing more than personal preference. To say that one brand is better than the other is silly. Schon tends to put out cues that are more traditional with outstanding woods and they play great. Mezz tends to put out cues with more technology and they play great. I am well aware that Mezz uses exotic woods too. Whatever cue YOU play best with is the one you will obviously use.
I will use the cue that compliments my playing style the best, and the cue that I play the best with. I don't care what brand it is.
Schon and Mezz are both excellent companies.


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Already posted, but wanted to add something:

The greatest advantage from Mezz in my opinion are their shafts--
Schon for sure are making beautiful cues-but their shafts are too different, if you were able to test several Schon Cues with several shafts you could easily see and feel it :)


Schon Series Production Years

Does anyone know the years that the following Schon cues were produced:

S Series

R Series (I recognize that there are still "R" cues being made, however, I am interested in the progression)

SR Series

ST Series

SL Series

STL Series (beginning year)

I sent an inquiry to Schon but did not receive a reply.


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i've owned three old schon's plus a bob runde, finally bought a mezz exceed with a wd700 shaft and a hp2 just to see what all the hype was about. many folks want to compare them to predator and when it comes to feel, according to my tastes there isn't any comparison.

no hype, they're the real deal, easily one of the best cues i've ever played with. it's a real fight over which one will be my player, the mezz or a lambros i own.


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why does everyone keep saying schon is production?? they dont make production cues. they have a model number that cant be reference so if someone likes that style they can get one similar but it wont be the exact same like production cues. and also, they dont put out sticks like production. when u look up schon and see all those billiard stores online that have schon cues , they dont have them in stock ready to go. not many anyways. most of the stores prolly have none.


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I have both a Mezz and a Schon. I voted Mezz simply because that's my main playing cue. But I think the quality and hit are pretty much comparable.

It's always been a mystery to me why Mezz doesn't get more traction in the US. They are outstanding cues. :cool:


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wow definitely SCHON is a winner again in this poll. in the production cue poll, schon is also leading....


I've been looking at both for quite some time now, have not played with either , but I'm looking more at the sp's, can't make up my mind between the Schon bw-2 with a 314-3 or the Mezz ZZSP with the EX-Pro or 314-3, or a purple heart MS-P with the EX-Pro or 314-3 or both. Choices, choices, WTF!! After reading this thread , am leaning more towards the Mezz sp's. I think I'll play a few more racks and drink some more beer while pondering this awful dilemma.