Simonis Cloth Classic Tours ends.


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I'm sure Mike won't mind me reposting his announcement. Always sad to hear a long running Pool tour, end:

Thank you to all my sponsors, room owners, players and friends for your support over the last 20 years. The time has come for me to head off to greener pastures and I am retiring from the billiard industry. I will no longer be traveling to events or operating any tour. I may in the future do a few splash events along with the annual Richard Sweet Memorial in Atlanta, GA which Simonis Cloth has graciously agreed to continue sponsoring. For that purpose I will maintain the tours mailing lists. I wish everyone and our sport all the best. ~ Mike Janis

Our Facebook page ( along with the tours website, will remain on FB and the Web for historical purposes only. No additional posts will be made.

About the tour. 2004-2014, The Simonis Cloth Classic Tour has a lineage dating back to the early 90's. It was introduced as the Ohio State 9-Ball Tour in 1994 then became the Huebler Cues 9-Ball Tour and in 1995 until 2010 it was the Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour then temporarily known in late 2010 as the Ozone Billiards Tour and from January to Sept 2011 as the Maxim Billiards Classic Tours and 2011-2014 as the Simonis Cloth Classic Tour.
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Maxim Billiards Tour

Our mailing address is:
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very disappointed when I got this email during lunch today.

I will miss going to Mike Janis' events. He ran a good tournament with his wife. They really knocked out the matches. The last one I went to they ran two events in two days. Nothing worse than when you are at an event and there are empty tables and matches sitting on the board waiting to be called. That wasn't the case when you went to one of Mike's events.


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see ya, Mike. Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out! Good riddance.

And take that $15,000,000.00 you gave away to the players in our sport over the years along with the $100,000 a year you add to the prize funds with you. LOL

It is sad to see the oldest and largest tour in America ending.


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N.E. Ohio

The Viking tour was a great success in Ohio and neighboring States. Everyone players and spectators always seem to have a great time. The National Viking at Northfield Billiards in 2002 & 2003 were 2 of the best tournaments I have seen , bringing in top players both Pro and local.Since Mike moved out of Ohio he has been missed and Pool has not been the same in this area.Good Luck Mike in all your future plans.