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  • Hi Tim! Jerry Calderone defeated defending champ Joe Dupuis in the finals. I'm not sure how far Scott got in the finals.
    Honey - i'll give you $150 & all the BEER you can hold - to TAKE his place ASAP (and i mean like, NOW, cause it'll cost me another $65 tonight)!!!!
    **missed you last night**
    Have fun today and enjoy! :)

    What's up man. This is Greg Dix from Myrtle Beach you might remember me. Anyways I have a Samsara cue I was wondering if you maybe interested in or maybe knew someone.

    Happy Holidays,

    this is your eletronic Christmas card, I'm sending it to all my friends here and other people I dont know(yet), I'm in the Christmas Spreait this year!!! And want to share that gret feeling with my friends and pool player I havent met yet!!! 09 was a brutal year for all of us, so a litle joy now is what the Dr. ordered!!!

    I wish you to have a happy Christmas and a great 2010!!!

    shoot straight, and my best regards

    Eric aka Fatboy
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