Steve Price cue case review


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I love my cases.
I have owned every cue case maker's case at one point in time.
It's my man-purse.:p
There are MANY great cue case makers, and I just wanted to give this one his props.
Steve doesn't make alot of cases, but when he does.......WOW.
Very clean looks.
He uses "figured" leathers with alot of character.
Cellulose marks, scars and the natural wear of a cow's hide.
So beautiful, and each one is different.
As SOLID as any other case maker out there.

Here are a few examples of his work that I either own, or have owned.

chris G<-------if you haven't ever had one, you're missing out

(1st pic, Steve's are the two on the right)







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Impressive lineup of Steve Price cases.
It's tough to pick a favorite, they are all unique.

Charlie Edwards

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Thanks for posting these pictures. You have some really nice examples of Steve Price cases. So impressive that I ordered a couple from him... a 1x2 black and a 2x2 antique brown, and am looking very forward to getting them. Then I probably will go for a 2x4.


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Steve's cases,,

Steve makes an elegant, sleek classy case,

Also,,,a Great guy !!



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i have one of the simple 2x4 cases
it is really nice
it has a texas map shape on it

i am well pleased
steve is one of the good guys


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Steve Price

Hi, Dean-

I have one of his cases on order. Did you receive yours recently? I know Steve was ill for a while last year. I spoke to him last January.