Styer vs Geromino


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Did you even read the post?:rolleyes:
Sure did.... Did you...?

Here it is again:
Screenshot from 2023-03-22 15-48-25.png

Maybe the commentator does


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I believe it will be a free stream. This is looking like the year Tyler makes it up the ladder or not. Putting himself in lots of action. Gaining lots of experience

he is very diligent and seems more focused than the majority of pros. hard to watch without shot clock though. i haven't seen edgie play since like 2014 when he played rodney and vilmos


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I would like to raffle off my golf clubs. Of course I’m going to have to locate a few of them first. They are spread between the 12-16 holes in Tampa. I am never playing golf ever again. Or at least until Sunday.

I think I like Tyler here. Has it started?
I can't find it on youtube so I don't know what's going on... who knows at this point sheesh