Styer vs Geromino


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Let us not go there.
Tyler gets paid to teach it.
He gets paid for playing in tournaments and either winning or having the highest finish he can. Teaching is chicken feed money
and takes away from the time needed to stay sharp on his own game where the real money is.
He may have used it when he got started.
Nobody does. It all starts from the known standards.
He may use it now. We don't care, and this isn't the place to discuss such matters.
He does, and it's everyone's choice not to care or to care if they so please. Should it be in a wood craft forum instead of a pool forum? I guess there are those who think the magic is in what tip he uses on his cue or what the specs of his shaft are as well as composition between wood and CF.
He would be right where he is today regardless of how he aims the ball because of his level of talent and dedication.
Well, he wasn't which prompted him to seek help and other ways. He jumped in and gave 100% commitment and hard work with something that was entirely different and new.
Congrats to Tyler.
His hard work is paying off. He has earned 100% respect, because he is getting in the box more often than any other American player (rotation games).
Because of this, he is the US player I currently believe will be our next top player once Shane decide to enjoy life and spend more time away from pool.
I could surely be wrong about him, but he works harder and challenges himself more than most.
Great last paragraph! I applaud you for your insight and sincerity here.
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This thread might get good.
We could make it good. I don’t care. But then your side would cry like little babies to get it moved to the aiming forum. Or you could just do your best to not be a shit stirrer. How about that