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I don't know how many of you watched Shane play Dennis last night in 14.1 as part of the Accu-Stats MIH all around, but I did and thought it was pretty interesting. I had never seen play 14.1 before so even though I know Shane is a superior talent I wasn't sure what to expect out of him in a foreign game. I was quite impressed. At the start of his match his patterns seemed a little erratic and he was going into the balls too much. Later he got more comfortable and hit a couple of true straight pool shots like softly bumping out a break ball and also playing the behind the rack breakshot with inside and going 3 rails around the stack. He may not be as big of an underdog in the straight pool as I thought. If he watched some more 14.1 Accu-Stats matches or studied a 14.1 book or 2 he'd be raining hundreds in no time. I'm just glad to see him playing the championship game like all the greats have at one time or another.

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I'm currently watching Shane play Thorsten. Shane's patterns tonight...woof. He's such a good player though he's making tough outs.

ETA: Shane finally gambled too much and scratched off of a side pocket rebreak. Thorsten only needs 16 and the balls are open.

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Painful to watch.

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Once Shane gets a handle on how to play the patterns correctly there is no doubt he will be super dangerous in 14.1 also. Look how fast he learned 1 pkt!!


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Van Boening beat Appleton 100 - 85 in the final match of the event Sunday night. Here's how it went. Scores are for SVB first, then Appleton.

A1 (Appleton inning #1) -- opening safety
VB1 -- foul scratch making a long cut shot [(-1) - 0]

A2 -- missed fairly straight long shot with ball in hand
VB2 -- ran 15, then missed a long thin cut [14 - 0]

A3 -- ran 14, then missed trying to carom one OB in off another [14 - 14]
VB3 -- ran 13, then missed a long thin break shot [27 - 14]

A4 -- ran 16, then missed a thin cut [27 - 30]
VB4 -- ran 69, then fouled while miscuing on a kick at a ball near the foot rail with the CB against the side of the pack [95 - 30]

A5 -- ran 55, then missed a break shot to his left side pocket sending the CB off the foot rail into the back of the pack [95 - 85]
VB5 -- 5 and out [100 - 85]

So Van Boening missed 3 shots (1 of which was also a foul), scratched once, and played no safeties.
Appleton missed 4 times, committed no fouls, and played no safeties other than the opening safety.