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PLAY THE GAME clothing family would like to take a moment and thank Mark Griffin and the CSI Cuesports International organization for allowing PLAY THE GAME clothing to design the official 2014 U.S. Bar Table Championship Billiard Apparel. Mr. Mark Griffin and the CSI Cuesports international organization has been a driving force in the Billiard Industry for a long time. Our company is very honored to be a part of his mission to bringing the game the respect it deserves. I knew from the beginning PLAY THE GAME clothing co. would break thru and be recognized as a Billiard Apparel line that will always help the game strive to reach it's potential, not only to the Billiard community, but also to the public. We will continue to design a product that will only help the game in achieving this goal. I also want to thank everybody for their support along the way. PLAY THE GAME clothing continues to grow faster then I could ever imagine. Thank-you for believing in what were trying to achieve. God Bless Frank.

P.S. We found some extra 2014 U.S. Bar Table Championships T-Shirts in a box. Were going to blow these out at $15.00, while supplies last.

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Great looking shirt!

Yes, Mark and CSI are an enduring credit to our sport and are almost continually deserving of praise.

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2014 Rule Book

I'd also like to congratulate you and staff for the BCAPL rule book. I find it a very interesting read, from a perspective that addresses the game and ones actions as well as the Rules Of The Game. It's healthy, nice job. :thumbup: