Thanks to POV POOL


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I sincerely appreciate POVPOOL for a fantastic weekend, it made a big difference for me; the chat room was hilariousness; the excitement was epic, the commentary was great, and best of all the camera move at times of break or when the main tv match ends; this is great production. Thanks to all involved seriously, and i will donate.

Normally, i miss lots of TV events, but this weekend, i hurt my back shoveling the massive amount of snow last Thursday, could not move without the sharp pain or bend, it is scary to just have the thought, "Am I done with pool"; luckily it looks like the pain is going away, what a f&&%%$$ing lesson, never ever will i shovel snow again even if it mean a divorce!! Thanks POVPOOL for comforting me in this hard time, at your "Hard Times"


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Agree. I thought this was a really good production and broadcast by Daniel at POV pool.

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+ 1 for POV Pool again. It was a great tournie and the stream was fantastic. Thanks for doing this for us ! you rock !


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I had a chance to watch some last night.

Very nice stream, but I was really impressed by Dave Hemmah in the booth.

I believe he was the tournament director also.

His commentary was spot on and it flowed very well with the convo with Daniel !

Good job for sure !



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You got me...

I enjoyed the free stream so much.... you got me to do the PPV AND I went all in on doing the Kamui Pass (I great deal IMO.. )

Jay did great in the booth as usual. Although I was a bit mean in the chat and actually got him to mention "Lump Head" during the Dennis / Carlo match. :rotflmao1:

Thanks for getting 1 pkt Rich back in the booth. I do not know him but he is a natural in the booth (I was one of the many who enjoyed his VERY honest :eek:1 pkt commentary during the Alex / Frost match last year)

So +++++ to CSI and POVPOOL for the coverage ---- as for the PPV match with Lee, good luck to Daniel, but that might be disingenuous as I am betting the other way :sorry:



Agreed! Amazing job by Daniel. I loved listening to 1 pocket rich in the commentary booth. He really needs to become a regular commentator. Thanks for all the time and effort for doing this, you are definetly getting a donation.