The BIG Mezz shaft thread!


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Picked up a WX700 online that was in fantastic condition. To be completely honest the only reason I bought this was because I have a Mezz butt (Ebony EC7) that I use for my break cue paired with the DI Pro R shaft. I bought that butt without a shaft so figured it makes sense to have an 'original' shaft for it in case I ever sell down the road.

Curious as to how the WX700 played as I've never shot with one and only heard good stories... I screwed it on my 5/16x14 playing cue. I've been playing with OB Classic + shafts for about 6 or more years now and lately I've been searching for something comparable or better and haven't found anything I quite like. Tried the Revo (didn't care for the taper and a few other things), tried the OB Carbon (had more deflection than the Classic + shafts surprisingly, but loved everything else about it), the Go Customs (various things), and a few others. There was always something... felt light, felt hollow, weird taper, weird sound, more deflection than the Classic + shafts, and so on. I knew what I was accustomed to and liked as far as taper, weight, and deflection... I had no interest in drastically changing things especially going to something with more deflection than I already was using.

I had absolutely ZERO adjustment with the WX700 coming from my OB Classic +... zero. Deflection, no matter the speed or amount of english, is identical. The big plus for me is it has a more solid feel/hit to it. I've been on the lookout for something to replace those OB Classic + shafts for years and I found my answer - the WX700. I've been aware of these shafts for a long time just never would have guess a non-laminated wood shaft with a fairly tall ferrule would be anywhere close to my OB Classic + shafts deflection wise (which I still consider some of the lowest deflection shafts ever once you get into the 12.5mm+ size) not to mention didn't want to drop $270 just to try one. Somehow Mezz was able to do it though and I am extremely happy I picked up a used one for a great price. I'm putting an order in now for a backup WX700 from Mezz with the same weight.

The only semi negative thing I can say about the WX700 so far is I found when I really stroke through the shafts stops in my bridge hand a little higher up than on my OB shafts as I use a closed bridge. With that said, I took the taper down a tad on my OB Shafts so they might very well have been quite similar in the beginning. If I find it becomes a nuisance I'll do the same with the WX700 shafts so it is a little more gradual towards the back end.

Also, not sure what tip was on the shaft since it was used, but I replaced with an Outsville Medium. Really like these tips... coming from Searing Precision and Zan for many years.

FYI I was told the WX700 has been discontinued and replaced by the Sigma so if you are a fan of these shafts you might want to order one now before you won't be able to any longer.