The BIG Mezz shaft thread!


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Picked up a WX700 online that was in fantastic condition. To be completely honest the only reason I bought this was because I have a Mezz butt (Ebony EC7) that I use for my break cue paired with the DI Pro R shaft. I bought that butt without a shaft so figured it makes sense to have an 'original' shaft for it in case I ever sell down the road.

Curious as to how the WX700 played as I've never shot with one and only heard good stories... I screwed it on my 5/16x14 playing cue. I've been playing with OB Classic + shafts for about 6 or more years now and lately I've been searching for something comparable or better and haven't found anything I quite like. Tried the Revo (didn't care for the taper and a few other things), tried the OB Carbon (had more deflection than the Classic + shafts surprisingly, but loved everything else about it), the Go Customs (various things), and a few others. There was always something... felt light, felt hollow, weird taper, weird sound, more deflection than the Classic + shafts, and so on. I knew what I was accustomed to and liked as far as taper, weight, and deflection... I had no interest in drastically changing things especially going to something with more deflection than I already was using.

I had absolutely ZERO adjustment with the WX700 coming from my OB Classic +... zero. Deflection, no matter the speed or amount of english, is identical. The big plus for me is it has a more solid feel/hit to it. I've been on the lookout for something to replace those OB Classic + shafts for years and I found my answer - the WX700. I've been aware of these shafts for a long time just never would have guess a non-laminated wood shaft with a fairly tall ferrule would be anywhere close to my OB Classic + shafts deflection wise (which I still consider some of the lowest deflection shafts ever once you get into the 12.5mm+ size) not to mention didn't want to drop $270 just to try one. Somehow Mezz was able to do it though and I am extremely happy I picked up a used one for a great price. I'm putting an order in now for a backup WX700 from Mezz with the same weight.

The only semi negative thing I can say about the WX700 so far is I found when I really stroke through the shafts stops in my bridge hand a little higher up than on my OB shafts as I use a closed bridge. With that said, I took the taper down a tad on my OB Shafts so they might very well have been quite similar in the beginning. If I find it becomes a nuisance I'll do the same with the WX700 shafts so it is a little more gradual towards the back end.

Also, not sure what tip was on the shaft since it was used, but I replaced with an Outsville Medium. Really like these tips... coming from Searing Precision and Zan for many years.

FYI I was told the WX700 has been discontinued and replaced by the Sigma so if you are a fan of these shafts you might want to order one now before you won't be able to any longer.


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Recently picked up a new Mezz CP21MD (w/ Ignite upgrade) from J&J, and a secondhand PB2 from a member of this forum. Prior, my experiences with Mezz were limited to an old EC (forgot which one) with a WD700 and two Power Break 1s. I wasn't really a fan of the EC, but I was a huge fan of the power breaks.

I replaced the Mezz Zan Medium with a Tiger H Laminated tip, then with a WB Brown tip. This sounds odd, but to me it has the same feel and ping of the old schons (before they went with the layered tip). Schon was always my favorite hit of any cue, and I'm very happy with this setup. I can't speak to comparisons of deflection and all that, but the ignite shaft's stiffness is definitely somewhere between the Revo and the Cynergy. I dig it. Plus the design is subtle, but the Rosewood/Morado points stick out under the table lights. I love how the linen extends all the way to the butt sleeve area, where I normally hold the cue (5'11" but with broad shoulders). I have a 4" extension for the back too.

Regarding the Power Break 2 w/DI2 Shaft, I purchased it with a leather tip and a clear pad. Nothing wrong with it, but something was missing, as I didn't quite like it as much as my PB1. I figured it was the Sonic tip since that's what really set my Mezz experience apart from any other break cue I've owned. I ordered a sonic tip from Mezz USA and had my cue guy put it on. This thing is a beast and I loved it so much...i recently sold my PB1 lol. Effortless slower stroke with longer follow through and this think explodes racks while parking the ball in the center.

I know we always say this, but I think I've finally settled on my last cue setup lol.


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After several months of research, chatting with players I know, reading AZ and asking for members opinions I finally bought a new Mezz shaft..

I decided on an Exceed Pro shaft 30 inches long.. After considering the Ignite and all the competitors carbon fiber options I chose the Exceed because of a couple reasons. I like the feel of wood over carbon fiber and the carbon fiber feel was a bit more foreign to me. Played with wood since 1966 so changing now seemed like too big a jump for me.

Since the Exceed has a carbon fiber insert I felt it might play similar to a full carbon fiber shaft and still feel like wood. That is what I see so far from the Exceed. It definitely does not push the cue ball offline like any of my other wood shafts whether or not they are considered low deflection or not. The Exceed just feels a lot more 'rigid' or maybe it could be called stiff. Not sure quite how to describe it honestly. But I like it a lot and believe I made the right choice for me at this time.. I like the Zan medium tip as well.

Like to say thanks to Caroline Pao at Mezz USA for answering all my questions, her patience and opinions. Add to that her really quick shipping. It went out on Tuesday morning and was in my hands on Thursday afternoon. Free shipping!!


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In terms of deflection what would be the Predator equivalent of the WX-Σ (Sigma)?