"The Bucket List of Pool"


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Roy Steffensen said:
I went in total 5 days with no food, just small sips of water. (I look slim now).

Helluva way to go on a diet! Glad you're feeling better!

I need to go into a coma for a few years to get to my ideal weight. :(

As far as the "bucket list" goes (great question!):

1. win more than my current top win of $800 in one event
2. finish high in the money in an open event - I did get 7th in our state open 9ball championship once, but "apparently" I shouldn't have been allowed to play in that division :(
3. play against Allison (my oldest idol) or Jasmin (my newest idol) and make them just a wee bit nervous at some time during the match

There's so much more that needs to go on this list but I have to put some thought into it.


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Great thread! Hope you are feeling better.

1. Commentate on a TAR match.
2. Win a state or national event/tournament.
3. Become one of the best female one pocket players in my State.
4. Get a copy of John Schmidt's second DVD.
5. Continue to design custom cues.
6. Watch more Buddy Hall Player Review Matches (need to get them first, only have one and LOVE it!).
7. Ingrain my pre-shot routine. :)


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5. Break a cue over my leg to see if it is hard to do!:smash:
4. Play Efren some one pocket
3. Beat Efren in one pocket
2. Talk smack to Efren
1. Go on AZBilliards and act like an ass

Meezer Girl

not now, I'm eating !!!
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short list for now

Fun idea Roy, get better soon

1. attend the DCC
2. attend the US Open
3. make it to Sunday at the "Swanee" (hmmm - how many BYEs can I get:grin: )
4. Win the state lottery then take $1M of it to set up a corp. Select 1 or 2pool players with the desire to become pros. They would be on a livable "salary" so that they could dedicate themselves to pool. Corp pays all expenses to tourneys. Prize monies earned go back into the corp, pay "bonus" based on performance. Then see where we are at in 2 years. I already know a local who has the stroke, desire & heart but also has a family to take care of so he can't take his talent any further.


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Play a race to 100 for a million bucks!
PLay golf with Strickland and Archer.
Play in the Derby City Tourney
Play in the U.S.Open
Gamble against all of the hustlers and have each match televised!
Be in the Hall of Fame...=)


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Bucket List

Play Mike Siegel in a race to 13 with him whinning all the way while I try and beat him. I would also enjoy him telling me what a great player he still is.

Win an over 55 tournament (I will be 55 in January). This tournament would include the great ones from the 70's - 90's.


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1. Go on a dream date with Jasmin Oushan
2. Go on a dream date with Jeanette Lee
3. Go on a dream date with Yu Ram Cha
4. Go on a dream date with Xiao Ting Pan
5. Go on a dream date with Angel Paglia
6. Go on a dream date with Shanelle Lorraine
7. Win the World 10-Ball Championships

I figure I'll concentrate on the one that's the easiest to cross off my list first, which is likely the last one.
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I haven't been playing that long, so my list is pretty modest:

1. Learn one pocket, bank pool and straight pool. Be able to play them, as well as 8-ball and 9-ball, at a B level.
2. Get a custom sneaky that plays great and one custom of my own design with gorgeous woods that looks and plays great.
3. Finish my basement and have a nice pool room down there. I currently have a table in my unfinished basement, which is fine, but it would be nice to have a nice pool room.
4. Use pool as a way to relax from my ridiculously stressful job. Maybe even lower my blood pressure a bit. Eventually develop into playing true Zen pool, where I learn from my mistakes, stay positive, and never get frustrated about myself or the game. Maybe even learn the meaning of life from playing pool, even if only for a second and I forget it later.
5. Teach my kids (5 year old boy-girl twins) to love and respect pool, and have loads of good clean family time playing with them.
6. Have my kids, when they become teenagers, NEVER THINK THAT IT'S A GOOD IDEA TO HAVE SEX ON MY POOL TABLE. Especially my girl.