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  • All is fairly well here. I just saw you posted in a thread and thought I would check in with you. Hopefully you can pry yourself away from the political grind soon and make it back to Derby. Take care.
    Long time, no see my friend. Hope all is good in Norway. I saw you made the Parliament over there, congrats. Any chance of a trip to DCC this year?
    Hi Roy
    So you are fed up with playing pool are you?

    Well pool is not life or death is it?

    No! It's more important than that.

    So why don't you get over to the UK and come and see me.

    I can make you the player that you think that you want to be.

    Guaranteed and Free.

    That's my offer. You will start loving the game again.

    I have already helped 2200 players from the cuesports world.

    Anytime from mid January onwards and I will be available.

    Don't Doubt.
    I just wanted to get your opinion on how good the Yalin table is. I mean it looks exactly like the Brunswick Gold Crown right? Does it play just like it too?

    I want to buy one but I'm having trouble since I'm in the USA.

    No offense taken roy. I kind of figured a countries' flag mean different things to different people. I apologize for my post on that thread.
    Hey Roy,

    Thanks for the rep. I took your statement for exactly it's intended purpose...a joke. I've always enjoyed your posts. I'm going to make an attempt to make it up to the DCC this year before I deploy for a day. Maybe we can share a brew and you can commiserate about the Euro's inability to keep pace with the Americans this year. ;)
    Hi Roy,

    Thanks for the rep. Not sure what I said to deserve it but thanks so much! Wish I could join you at the Derby City. Perhaps next year. Have a safe trip both here and going home. Incidentally, I worked for five years as a sales representative for Tandberg Electronics of Norway. Hope you are familiar with them. Great products.

    No problem about the pattern racking hatred. I hate it too. I also hate it when one guy runs 5 and it's boring as hell. I want 10 ball or alternate racks or something. I also come across badly all the time to people that don't know me. I'm REALLY a very nice person.:)
    Hey roy just wanted to let you know I paid watchez his 40 and just sent ugotaction his 40. Good man watchin out for your fellow AZers.
    Hey Roy,

    The Europeans, I've been around are not only great players they are also a credit to the game. I've sat rooting for some of them myself. I was also fortunate enough to beat Thourston Holman, not sure of the spelling, at Turning stone Casino, a while back.

    Glad to see you liked my thread. I've also been very involved in promoting the game. I was very involved in the All about Pool Tour, which is now the Joss tour, from the very beginning. I'm also very involved in the New England Pool and Billiard Hall of Fame. i don't know if Europe has anything for it's pool or snooker players. Maybe it should start something?

    I've also written a fiction novel, Right on Cue. I sent a copy to Big Dave at I asked if he would list it in his on-line library. I never heard back. I don't get it.

    Sorry to hear about your medical problems. I've had a bad back, for years. I suffer when I'm done. The adrenalin, gets me through it.

    Thanks for posting.
    hi Roy, i think thats how we stand, I'm not sure. lets just bet it on something else-i know your solid, I trust you 10000%
    Thanks for the action buddy! I'll be sure to shoot it back to you on a future live stream no doubt, I know your all about the Euro missed a hell of a final by the way!
    hi there,

    my pm's are off. we can straighten out when everyou like, hope your good. or carry over. its good either way. i hope your playing, i read you hurt your self or something.

    my very best
    Hey Roy, I want to ask you about Kurt Nilsen. I listened to his duet with Willie Nelson. The guy has an amazing voice and range. He's from Norway, right?
    Many thanks for the greet, Roy! It is today - 24th! And I kid you not!
    Again, maraming salamat, kaibigan!

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