the stinky shaft

jersey jer

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Just had dinner at vf w 2 well known cuemakers.
we discussed the smell of the shafteood and effect on playability.
wgat are your thoughts ?


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So what did they say. that stinky shafts play great? I need to know before I apply bacon grease to mine.

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Smells like fish, plays like chicken?
Or were dem shafts on the Hershey Highway?

But seriously, when I cut my shafts, they smell like fresh cut wood, as far as I know.
What are they supposed to smell like?
Cause after I make a pass on a shaft, I don't exactly wiff it under my nose like a fine ceegar.
I put a piece of masking tape on it and mark the date. Then I put another one on the lathe.

Or did you just want to tell us that you had din din with 2 well known cue makers?

Don't leave us hanging here, tell us who these shaft sniffers are.
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I didn't think they'd have a smell with the shelack finish on them,what kinda cue are you talking about anyways?


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Sheldon Lebow underwater wood shafts

They are expensive - they have the koolist amounts of grain. Yes underwater wood smells different- once sealed you'll never know(the smell)/ Mark


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Very strange post. But in all fairness, I had a shaft that stunk once... and it also sucked.