This old cue...


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Got this cue for a tip and joint repair. Just wondering if any of the experts here have any idea who may have built it.

According to the owner who's had it for decades (but not the original owner) it was built in the late 70's to mid 80's. Appears to be built well and is 100% straight together and apart even with the brass threaded collar having the mating wood threads stripped. The shaft is ~9mm and very whippy! :)

He loves the cue but doesn't know the maker, he seems to think it was made in Germany. I've never seen a bumper like this, could have been replaced but appears original, who knows?

Nice sharp corners in the long inlays with little signs of shrinkage, but the dot inlays appear to be some sort of old plastic material. Was thinking maybe the single large dot inlay may have been some sort of signature trademark? No other markings that I can see. Brass pin (in the shaft) and insert (in the butt), wooden joint pilot. Just grooves for rings....

I'd appreciate anyone who might be able to identify. I'm puzzled.











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Thanks! You're most likely correct considering your picture.

Appreciated! Gives me a place to start and a new line of cues I've never heard of before.\

Have a great Thanksgiving!


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Boetzel Pool Cues

It is my understanding that Boetzel Pool Cues with “Made in Germany” were pre WWll. Boetzel Pool Cues with “Made in W Germany” were post WWll. I try to find the link.



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I looked it over pretty good last night and didn't see any obvious markings but could have missed something. I'll take a closer look when I get home.

Thanks for the additional info... my google-fu is not coming up with much on the company/maker.

It would be something to find out his daily player was pre WWII! :)


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I was unable to find your model pool cue, but thought you may enjoy this.

Yes thanks, I saw that but it's the only reference I could find to these cues.

I looked it over better when I was working on it today and found this....


It's almost worn completely off... got lucky with the lighting to be able to see it this well.

So it looks like it is Pre WWII! Much older than he thought it was! Thanks so much for your help. He is going to be surprised that his daily player is over 70 years old!

Really appreiciate your input/insight.


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PM me to buy it
i like the cues with pins in the shaft

214 477 7323

Unfortunately this is not my cue Dean. Was just doing some work on it. I'll keep you in mind if any come through the shop that are for sale.