This weeks collection of cues and cases...........


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I have more smaller items, but these are the big
ones. Hope you enjoy, and thanks for taking a look.
Top to bottom in the first pic are:

Rick Howard Mace J/B ( Player )

Paul Mottey ( Player )

Tim Scruggs 5 Floating points

Schon R12 ( Just back from Scott at Proficient )

Schon Unknown Model ( Purchased for buddy who has yet to come up with funds )

Jacoby ( In the For sale section )

JB Rugged 2 x 3 ( Using this case )

JB Ultimate Rugged 4 x 8 ( Something has to hold the collection )

JB Jay Flowers Tribute ( 21st one ever made )

JB Custom 2 x 3 ( I love the style )



Tatuaje in the house🤘🏻
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nice stuff dom......glad to see the real player is still there....MAN THAT CUE PLAYS SWEET....:thumbup:


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Very clean collection Dom especially that Mottey, I also love those cases.


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Put the Mottey and the Howard in one of those
cases and we'll head downtown to make some Great stuff, the Mottey is my fave.