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  • I never post hardly but you're one of my favs from back in the day. I'll be listing a good group of cues soon. If there's anything you're interested in please let me know. Hope you're well brother. Kevin.
    Hi Dom this is Franko , I just remembered that you and I have met. What jogged my memory was your Mottey cue in the Gallery. One night up at the Wickcliffe Lanes 9 ball tournament Roger Jedlika came up to me and showed me this laid out Mottey that strongly resembled a Szamboti. It was your cue and he then introduced me to you. The two of you then played straight Pool on one of the back tables. It's funny how cues have such a strong place in a collectors mind.
    I do I do.... Lol sorry at in Williamsport PA and picked up ton of stuff and sold few things, got some predator shafts? Need 1? sorry Goin on no sleep, in Williamsport PA and picked up some stuff and sold some played some, etc... Yea Dom I ended up raffling off the murrell to start the weekend off on Friday morning, some lady won and wanted to trade it back for a knock off South West. Sweet deal but than she saw that special edition cue with the pink ivory butterflies inlaid into the purple heart, think Acti@0# cues or R@9§ cues makes it... Lol man sorry I'm just playing, I'm willing to chat bout doing something different, personally I think it was as close as a even deal could be but holler at me... I'm in Williamsport PA still. Lol and I was serious on the uni-loc if you needed one. Ttys
    Hi Scott. Sorry, I had an OB-1 Uniloc a few weeks ago. It's gone now. Sorry. Take care buddy.
    Hey man wassup? If you know anyone with a Gilbert may want to trade for espiritu 2011 with 2 shafts please let me know I'm wanting a jump break thanks
    Thanks buddy! Same to you! A very happy Birthday to Ted (Cuesblues)
    also. All the best guys.
    hey Dom gimmie a call when u have a chance....a friend of mine just found some markings on his shaft after he cleaned it up
    Eric, Not a problem at all buddy. I hope you can be at the SBE next year. I'm planning on
    attending again. I'll also try to be at the DCC, but not sure yet. All the best. Dom.
    i appericte the message you sent mee, i'll rep you tomarrow-im out rite now, i'd like to meet up at a tournemnt dometime,

    my very best
    eric :)
    call me if I can help you out. 6233770020 or Txt me your number and I will call you

    BTW, the sp28 on ebay does have razor points, so its value might be a little more. Ask the guys on AZ, they can give you a closer value that I.
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