Titlist For Conversion


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Just recently purchased a Titlist for a great price. When it was examined, you could feel where the veneers were raised just slightly. The cue hits solid, but my question is, would this cue be any good for a conversion?


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Should be fine. I have done a few like this with no problems. One thin cut & you won't feel the veneers anymore.


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Honestly you should if possible POST some CLOSE-UP Photos of what you feel might be Problem Areas for the Cuemakers to look at.

Think you question has merit, but a my Cousin the Physician use to say Office Appointments are Necessary, and Curbside Consultations are not the way to find out what is ailing you.


I think the most important thing is the diameters at the butt and where the joint will be, and how straight it is. If it is big enough, then how straight it is becomes less of a factor.

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