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I would just disagree with garczar a little over PRO being the softest of black UltraSkins. I recall my conversation with Mr Hay through the means of WWW, that PRO was designed to resemble legendary Moori 'gen. IV' (or was it gen. III?) Soft. I did not run any hardness/density tests, neither do I remember any figures which might have been posted here, but from my experience, PRO is harder than SS (and definitely softer than S, as black UltraSkins are on the harder scale "letterwise", compared to some other famous brands).

According to the website they are supposed to be softer.



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That's a new section since I last browsed that website. Nice.
Those of you who can't decide which black Ultraskin you like best. Try the Ivory Medium. I have had one on my practice cue for several months and it will still draw the ball fine.