Universal Tip Centering Tool


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One can center tips with a diameter up to 15 mm.

The second one is more beefy and can handle tips with a diameter up to 18mm.
This model offers also a wider range for fine adjustment (if your lathe isn’t “dead nuts”).

For the rest both models are identically constructed.

So, if you have to install a cue tip with 15,1 mm dia the first one will not work.

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This tip centering tool works accurate and easy on all kinds of cue tips:


sounds good, howevere your video doesn't do much in the way of selling or showing how this centering tool actually centers the tip
No malice intent , just that there are no more details, videos can be edited etc. I trust that you didn't edit, however this video did not show how this tool works.


Rudie Cue as shown
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Tip centering tool

Obviously anyone that could use such a tool, already has a lathe at their disposal.
If you have any basic machining skills, then you should be able to make this tool in about 10 minutes.