Universal Tip Centralizer


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Thank's Neil for your candid comment.

The next load of tools was shipped today.

All UTC models (standard and also the brass versions) are still available. If interested please give me a PM.

PayPal only!

Kindest regards.


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Nice tool

Got the new brass 18, very well made. Fit and finish is outstanding:thumbup:
From the instructions to the packing, all is nicely thought out.


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Last Stock

Bill, thank's for your reply.

2 UTCs shipped today.

From my last batch I have a tag of 7 Centralizers still left and ready to ship (watch pic below):

2 x UTC15
1 x UTC15 Brass Version
2 x UTC18
2 x UTC18 Brass Version
(the 3 UTC15 models stand on the right side)

These are the last ones.

So go for it while stocks last; Christmas is just around the corner.

As already mentioned, each brass UTC comes standard with a screwable spirit level and is nicely packaged in a cardboard box; makes a great Xmas gift.

If you wanna purchase a tool of high quality, that centers and squares all tips perfectly for installation, please PM me for PayPal info.
Buy one and you will nevermore go gray with off-centered cue tips.
First come, first served.

Thank’s for attention and kindest regards.

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Love the tool

Hello Olaf,

I've seen this tip tool on A&Z for some time and decided I had to have one, so I ordered two. Received them today and I'm very impressed with the quality, and even better they work. Looking forward to using them in my day to day operations. Thanks again, keep me informed of any new tool ideas that you might have coming down the pipeline.

Joel Hercek


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Excellent Tool for installing tips

Hey A/Z repair guys, received my UTC-18 today, exceptional delivery time from Germany to Canada took only eight days, considering I have waited six weeks for something to be delivered to me from the US, this was outstanding. Packaging was very good, the tool was very safe inside a sturdy cardboard box with foam wrap and foam chips filling any gaps.

The tool's fit and finish is first grade, very well constructed and very solid in your hand. This isn't some flimsy piece of delrin, it is a precision made tool. The video's are very well explained with examples of most every situation you will come up against installing tips. The explanation on how to install it to your tailstock chuck, and how to center it up, was very easy. My first attempt was almost dead-nuts, just a secondary minor adjustment and I was ready to go. I am 100% satisfied with my purchase.

Thanks Olaf, great product.


Headmuses. :thumbup::thumbup:

Busbee Cue

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Got my tool today and it is made very good.

Communication was excellent during the transaction.

The setup video was very good and Olaf was very entertaining
at spots making the video enjoyable to watch.

Shipping was very fast and the packaging was top notch.

I would not hesitate to do business with this fine gentleman again.


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I'll admit i thought this was a bit cheesy when i first saw it but after recieving it...well, hes practically giving them away. Flawless, very impressive. Fast shipping and great communication.


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Hi all,

Just thought I would add my positive comments as well. Received this tool a few days ago and I can honestly say I wish I had one of these 10 years ago. EXTREMELY well made tool, top notch fit and finish and machining. This is well worth the cost to me as I love precision well made tools like this.

I've used my hands to center my tips for years and I've also made little delrin centering devices for different tip sizes and thickness, etc. This tool will replace all those and then some. Just being able to reinstall 'popped' stubborn break jump tips and have them centered will make this a lifesaver.

Again...very nice tool, well worth the $$ he is asking and honestly I don't think he's asking enough.




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Olaf I have replaced 4 tips on my own cues works great.... got some glue in it now it will not work at all can you send replacement head ?


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Nitro Methane additive from a model supply shop, works very well as a debonder as well.


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the problem is when I tried to open it 1 of the vinyl slivers that open & close came out ...and now will not open and close all the way.....


...and I get all da rolls
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our proshop bought a couple and all I can say I'm absolutely satisfied with the way The Centralizer works. It is very helpful when I'm asked to glue back a new tip that popped off.

It is manufactured with German precision, quality and attention to details. Thanks Olaf for a great tool!