US Open 9B October, 2022 -- Atlantic City


Ace in the side.
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Talk about an optical illusion, I could have sworn that Little Ko was hooked by the 8 ball here, but he shot the 4 straight in!
Screen Shot 2022-10-14 at 5.00.26 PM.png

Cezar Morales

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Not sure what you think you saw but they clearly shake hands and no heated exchange lol
Thanks for clarifying
I missed the handshake part and the camera angle is hella wierd 👍


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I think Ko and Chen are probably the least likely to jump on the table if they win the tournament.
I think FSR would be most likely. But in all fairness Little Ko would first need a step ladder. Either that or take lessons from Alex.
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Oops.. Biado hung the 4. FSR now looking unstoppable 7-2. I think he and Little Ko have most consistent break of the 4 semifinalists.
Looking like final will be between the 2 youngest FSR v Ko Ping Chung :LOL: