US Open 9B October, 2022 -- Atlantic City


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Besides Kaci thrashing of Filler, I am surprised Biado still around after his rambling headless performance couple of days ago.
Another surprise is "unknown" Hsieh taking down first Albin and now his team mate Mario to make quarters.
It is free for all anyone's game and I like it ! :LOL:



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This is turning out to be a great open with some fresh faces making some runs. Fun to watch.

Bob Jewett

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here ya go

Strange. Instead of being on the Matchroom Pool channel, it's on the Matchroom Multi Sport channel. Yet another hiding place for the streams. It would be nice if Matchroom told us on the event website where we might watch. Assuming of course that they want an audience. Sigh.
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Just tuning in my first match! DAZN looks good. They have a Paragon as the TV table. I haven’t seen that as the TV table since a 2012 or so DCC. Watch your junk;)

Go Greece!


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This fell off the back of a truck

TV Table-Quarterfinal FSR v Alex Kazakis

And another with sky sports arena for free to give people more choices (you just have to deal with a few pop ups with any of these any time you click the screen). Matchroom will never get a penny of my money, directly or indirectly, as long as they continue to use a traditional color on the wrong ball (ie the abomination known as the purple 5 ball).


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Does anyone know what seemed to be a heated exchange between Kazakis n Marc ?
Cant see clearly as it not a tv table but it appeas that Marc refused to shake Kazakis hand n ignore him after kazakis offered the handshake
Marc did shake the ref hands tho while facing away
Looks like bad sportsmanship
Not sure what you think you saw but they clearly shake hands and no heated exchange lol


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If there is any constant in this Knockout stage, it is change.
Lee Van Corteza looked like the one to beat after he blew away Shaw, Ko Pin Yi.
Then Chris Melling became the one after he blew out Lee Van
Now Max Lechner is the one to watch (maybe for just a moment) after he knocked the socks off Chris