US Open One Pocket Stream Friday Feb. 28

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TAR will be streaming the last part of the US Open One Pocket tomorrow. We will only be showing the one pocket as Badboys has to swap out the bar box for a big track. As of this moment I do not know how many matches it will be. We are working on at least four including the finals.

It is a bit of a scheduling mess with some players possibly being in three tournaments at once on Friday: 9 Ball, 8 Ball and One pocket. Ric Jones is doing his best to juggle all of it but as of now everything is very fluid. We will all do our best to get as much one pocket out as possible.

The tentative plan now is to push the 9Ball finals to Sunday and do the 8 Ball and 9 Ball finals back to back. That could change but worst case the 9 Ball is pushed to Saturday. The 9 Ball finals will be streamed one way or the other.

Thank you to everyone who has joined us this week. I want to thank everyone for their patience in the scheduling as well. This event is a beast with multiple events going on at the same time.


Here is what it looks like for tomorrow. There is a possibility the finals may be pushed to 5:30 as the players may have to play one round of 8 Ball. When it firms up tomorrow I'll post.

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