Very Cool Old Video on YouTube


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I know not everyone on here is into 14.1, but I figure if I posted this in the 14.1 forum it was likely that those guys had already seen this and no one else would notice. This is too cool for that.

On Dennis Walsh's YouTube channel there is this video of Irving Crane playing in a World 14.1 I'm guessing sometime in the early 80s. I know the video has been posted for a while, but I just got around to watching today. Obviously the video quality is on par with its age, but you can still see so much of the old master's brilliance in even just the first rack. He comes to the table with a terrible layout and gets out using the bridge half a dozen times. His technique with the bridge is classic as well. It's also a contrasting style to the wide open power 14.1 you see in today's tournaments. Enjoy.

Also thanks to Dennis Walsh for sharing stuff like this on his channel.

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Still feel that 14.1 is the best of the pool games. I know one pocket and 9 ball/10 ball for tournaments dominate but there is an elegance and completeness to what is required to play 14.1 at the highest levels. At least it is seeing a little of a resurgence.