Warning about Benny's Cues

Michael Webb

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Understood and knew it wasn't your work. Just trying to figure out why the scammer would make good points and then soil himself with fake wood.
Weight and balance.
Looked incredible until it needed refinishing. It was a real tough job covering that handle up but cost effective to the customer. Nothing goes in the trash if there's options.


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Well I would think if someone wanted to know the truth about Cuemaker in Philippines our own Jay H, has been there many time. Sure he has knowledge of who is good to deal with. Remember long ago there was someone selling Cues here, that were very nice looking, guy use PUKA Shell inlays.


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Side step. My apologies.
What ever happened to Ronnie Powell of Cue perfect?

died a couple years back. i played a little with one of his LD lake salvage shafts, it was very nice. the website was batsh*t crazy with rants and dire warnings here and there