What is your hourly fee to play Pool or day pass fee?


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Magoo's in Tulsa. 10 GC4's. $4/hr for one player, $7/hr for two or more. After 6pm its $11/hr per table. Food, bar, arcade with 20 pinball machines. Good spot.


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Our community room
Is closed two weeks.🤯

Called around yesterday to commercial places rate seem high.

$6.00-$10.00/hr, couple of deals on day passed $10.00-$20.00 up till 4 or 5 pm.
$8 pay in advance from opening (11am) until 7pm except on weekends. Very few take advantage of it and often exceed the $8. We’ll usually only charge regulars the $8 max even if they don’t do the pay in advance rate.

Our normal rate is $3/hr per person, unchanged for the past 25 years. We rarely have a waiting list as we are mainly a food & beverage operation, no alcohol, with 10 pool tables.


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I think my local room does a flat rate during the day @ $10. Pretty sure that gets you till 5pm then some hourly rate that I'm unaware of. I only go in there for league play which has dues that include green fees.

Tables are horrible and the balls are a grab bag of mis-matched sets, but it's the only place in town.


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I don't know exactly,at Felt there is a reduced rate from 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday.
I play about 4 hours,have 2 cups of coffee,small fries and a coke and my tab is around $25.
And this is on well kept pretty new Diamond tables.
It's cheaper on the other side of the room on the Crowns but I don't play over there with the riff raff,I have my standards. Low as they are I still have them.
There's a rumor that some play with house cues over there! Oh the horror! 😱