what is youre favorite pin?


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I use to exclusively play with a 5/16-14 piloted joint, but in recent years have been liking a 3/8 flat face.

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preferred pin

IMO, It would to beat the feel of a Scruggs radial with an Ivory joint.



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I put radials in the cues I built, but play with 5/16-14 now. I have a phenolic insert in the shafts to keep the loosening of the radial at bay.


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I like this one

I think these joints play rock solid with a very nice feel...but over half of the cues playability is the shaft - but you all already knew that

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The pin to my wifes bank card.....whatelse....LOL
5/16 14 ss
guilty pleasure....old Meucci....DONT TELL!