What tip keeps its shape and plays good too?


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I have been using Kamui brown medium soft which I like how they play, but its hard to keep a nickel radius on them. I am going to need to put a new tip on one of my shafts soon, so I thought I would ask the members here for sugestions. I don't play with LD shafts. A harder tip would be ok. I tried a Moori Quick (hard), and it would not keep its shape either. I don't want something super hard. I don't mind chalking as its part of my preshot routine. I've played with lots of different tips, Triangle, Le Pro, Sniper to name a few. How about a Kamui hard. Anyone out there tried one of them?


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I tried the Kamui Black Medium, Kamui Black Soft and recently just switched to the Kamui Black Super Soft...I like the SS the best of all of them...It felt to soft at first but after a week or so of play it feels perfect.

As far as shape...I was under the impression that a tip keeps a shape based on the way you play....Once I get a shape on a tip, I just play with it and never shape it again....I just let it evolve into the shape that it wants to be...I roll a pic over it from time to time and burnish the side to make it look nice.....but that is it.


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I always thought those were hardness ratings, not density...

I think density ranges from tip to tip in the same type. This would be shown by the trick that some use of tossing a box of tips in water and only using the ones that sink. (Something along those lines)


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I have used Talisman tips for a while (specifically the hard ones). Thye play good, don't require obsessive chalking, hold their shape, don't mushroom, and deliver the feel I am looking for.

I just bought a new Z2 and I am finding the Everest tip on it way too soft, mushrooms, and needs grooming every couple of hours. Whereas the Talisman hard has not been groomed in a couple of months.


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Elk master milk dud tips... I sell some of the best made by a cue maker out of NM, Adam Franks. Alot of AZers have purchased them and are very happy with them. They hit very consistent, grab the cue ball alot and hold shape perfect. I break and play with mine and currently have 100 hours on it with no manicuring whatsoever, or movies for that matter.


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I have shot with a Hercules layered medium hard tip for the last 12 or so years, and have no complaints about them at all. I shape a little with sandpaper when I first get it, and then just use a tippik on it after that.
They keep their shape, and last me usually 3-4 years.


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The Layered Tad tips are very low maintenance and play very well if you like hard tips. Definitely worth trying out.


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I've always found with layered tips I seem to miscue once in awhile but with leather tips I never miscue at all.Out of all the years and experimenting with tips I'm really thinking a good leather triangle or Lepro is as good as any tip, if you can find the good ones.I know guys that hate when a tip mushrooms but for me I would rather have it packed down and mushroom and get it reshaped once knowing your miscue percentage isn't even relevant anymore.

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Lots of tips do that for you.

Like one poster mentioned, Milk Duds. 100%
Other maybe lesser known or used ones:
and the new, Black King.

I shape to a dime, they will pack down to a nickel. No mush rooming or re shaping needed.

I once went thru a Kamui SS brown in one month. Worst tip I have ever used. The S brown Kamui wasn't much better. MS are much better.


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Kamui Blacks

I've used Le Pro tips for years, but lately with the purchase of a couple of new sticks, I really like playing the Kamui Black Soft and the Super Soft. I also like my new Viking and Meucci sticks. Not real expensive cues, but certainly an improvement made only better by Kamui tips. I still like the Le Pro on my break stick. :smile:


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good shape and plays good

They are so many good tips out there it is not practical for me to try each one that is on the market. I have tryed quite a few over the years. For the cost and durability I always go back to elk master and triangle.
I will try the water trick on the next tip change. I do use a vice to press
tips not over kill just pull for good and snug leave over nite. I have 2 pieces
of thin metal put tip in between to have no teeth marks on tip. Hardley ever have to reshape. That has been working good for me for a while.
After I find what works for me I tend to stick with it. If it ant broke don't
fix it. Take care, john


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I have been using the Elkmaster Milk Dud tips for well over 3 years now....will never look back. I have had zero issues with them and they last a crazy long time. Mine were made by Mike Johnson of Jensen Custom Cues.

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Another vote for elkmaster milk duds.

AZr pooldawg8, Jeff, makes these. They hit very good, grab well and don't mushroom and keep their radius.

Really good tips made by a really good guy.