Whats this old huebler worth ?


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My friend has a old huebler player that he is wondering how much its worth.

The pin size is 5/16 x 18 its 57" 1/2" long and there are a few dings on it one crack in the finish that you can see in the pics and the ferrule is loose. I think the ferrule is ivory but I'm not sure maybe someone knows for sure by looking at the pics.

Here are the pics.







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I would guess the ferulle material is linen, as that's what he used on the older cues and I've replaced them on the Huebler's I have. As for value, as it sits with the damage I think you'd be looking at less than $100 in value and restored you might get around $200.


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bobalouiecda (look him up on here) is quite knowledgeable on older Hueblers. He can help you out for sure. :thumbup:


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Huebler ID

You have the H-1 Model from the late 70's or so. This model was the least expensive of the line from H-1 to H-14. The list price was $64.50. Strokeofluck is about right on on the price now. With the cue market as it is, $200 might be a little of a stretch in good condition. I would not recommend refinishing unless you want to keep it for a long long time.
I can send a copy of the brochure for the owner. Bob