Where is there a good pool hall in the LA / SoCal area?


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I went by Hard Times Bellflower yesterday. Same story. Peering through the gap in the front door I could still see the lit up jukebox and now there is a ceiling light hanging down over the first row of amateur tables next to the jukebox. And I could see about four tables in the next row but my view ended there. It is still a ghost town with what appears to be filled with all the tables. Wouldn't take much except operating capital to reopen.

I guess Danny K's is my next stop. I think Sunday and Monday is $4 per hour pool. I must have a psychological problem because to me it just doesn't seem like a pool hall. That's because it isn't. It's a sports bar with a significant pool aspect. I'd say 10 or 12 9-footers. Theses tables are just okay.. I can't get the vibe I'm looking for. But I will definitely stop in to Good Times in Lakewood in hopes of seeing some of the old Hard Times regulars.
Forge tables by Goldenwest . Not exactly Gold Crown or Diamond . They do have Diamond bar boxes .
Dk's has the longest ongoing almost daily tournaments in California . They have league nights too .
It is a pool hall with a good kitchen and bar .
But, it's not quite like Hard Times or Griff's.


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Slim pickings in LA for pool rooms these days. Sad state of affairs, was great 30 years ago. If you like to gamble it’s even more depressing. If you want to get robbed-still might be hard to find a game.

I’m tired of living in LA……..
Come to Denver it's a great place to live and the pool scene is real good and I'm here what more could you want?


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There’s some 10 ball and 1P action there. The 10 ball guy played me some $10 1P. The 1P player wanted a lockup artist spot for $50, I turned him down.


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I was at Danny K's in Orange a few weeks ago. It seemed like the kind of room I could spend a lot of time at. There were even people playing one pocket which is a first-level indicator.
It's a good room for sure. Their rails are a little inconsistent as are their pockets, in my opinion at least. But good food, decent tables, tournaments and a good bar if you want an adult beverage.